I’m honored that you are here. I would absolutely love it if you would comment on posts that catch your attention – and we can dialogue and grow together as an online community.

About me. My name is Jonathan Sigmon and I serve as an executive pastor at a fantastic church in Rochester, New York. The team I work with is passionate and joy filled. I did not start in vocational ministry out of college, but have found an incredible passion and calling to serve others in this capacity. I previously served as both the youth and worship pastor. I love faith conversations, listening to people’s stories, and laughing at a decibel level you have to be prepared for.

I also can’t get enough of my wife, son, and daughter. No one brings me deeper joy than those three. I am absurdly blessed.

My undergrad was in Business and my masters is in Social Work, but my passion is helping people find faith, friends, and their future. I also have the privilege of serving as the volunteer director of Flower City Work Camp, a non-profit organization where over 700 students yearly use their Spring Break to help serve our city through home renovation projects in Jesus’ name. Over 60 churches partner together to do some incredible work.

My hope and goal is to resource the church and begin faith conversations with those who are open to doing so.

If there is ever any way I can help you, don’t hesitate to ask! My email is Jonathan AT rcalvary DOT org.

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