Church Sign


It’s official.  I will not walk into a church that has a sign that is used for anything other than informational purposes.  My Dad stopped on the side of the road to take this picture on his vacation in Florida.  Hilarious.  Friends are always sending me new church signs, so I had to post this one before bed.

Also, do the math.  They are in church from 9:30am-12pm on Sunday morning, 6pm-7:30pm on Sunday night, then Wednesday 7-8:30pm.  That’s 5.5 hours, not including traveling back and forth.  Let alone if they have meetings and bible studies.  Definitely not a waste of time.

The best part has to be the “KJV” part of the sign.  I’ve heard people claim KJV as the only true translation (translated in the 1600’s).  Also hilarious.

Enjoy a good shake of the head.

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  1. I think the favorite church sign I’ve read is outside my old town in Michigan. It has said ‘Stop Drop and Roll Doesn’t Work In Hell’ for like 5 years strong now haha. No idea when the services are tho.

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