Godin writes back…

March 22, 2009 — 2 Comments

I received an email back from Seth Godin!  I was really excited, since he is one of my favorite thinkers.  So let me just say the first thing that came out of my mouth was “holy crap! Seth Godin read my blog!”.  My second thought was “[swear word]. The reason he is writing is to make a correction.”  Haha.  He wrote an email to me with a subject that read “I didn’t say songwriters weren’t needed” and the body saying:

“thanks so much for the kind thoughts and the list


I said they were going to have a hard time getting paid. That’s a different thing. We sure need them….”

He is right.  I actually was headed out the door to work and didn’t even check over the blog (I just took notes on the second half of the presentation after I realized how much truth he was speaking).  Even when I wrote that, I meant songwriters in the traditional sense and being able to easily make an income off of that medium alone, but I still quoted wrong.  Some songwriters will still be able to make a living, but the market is changing.  The lyricists are half of the song though!  Without the words, we would not be moved to creative thoughts on how to deal with this life.  Thanks for reading my post, Seth, and continue your great writings/teachings.

Jonathan Sigmon


2 responses to Godin writes back…

  1. Yeah, it’s pretty surprising the first time it happens! But keep blogging long enough and you’ll soon learn that Mr. Godin is pretty awesome about interacting with “the rest of us”; he’ll even leave comments on your blog if you’re not careful! 😀

  2. ha! Yes. I am new to the real blogosphere, in fact I just started this blog (with Shawn’s help) at the start of the year. I hope Godin puts me in my place every time I am wrong. 😀

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