I Want to Follow God Throughout My Summer…


Tonight our youth discussed “How to Follow God Through the Summer…And How to Make That Relationship Meaningful.” Sarah and I prepared the lesson and I was pleased with the response from the students.  I thought I’d post the slides below, although all the stories and points in between are really what make it interesting.  My hope and prayer for the students (and for you too now that you’ve joined the conversation) was that they would intentionally think about how they were spending their time and who they were hanging out with this summer, as their structure of their day looks much different.  The phrase the students kept repeating was “Garbage in, Garbage out” (meaning whatever junk you put in will come out in your words and actions).  I liked it.

First, I always start youth group with a funny or interesting video, so I’ll let you check out OK GO’s song and Rube Goldberg video. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s incredible.





*Each student had to write at least one thing they were committing to for the summer off of the list.  One girl said since she loved drawing she would read a portion of Scripture and turn it into an interesting visual on a regular basis.  Pretty sweet way to connect with God, if you ask me.









So what did I miss?  What connected with you?

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  1. Hey Sig. Thanks for sharing your slides. As far as a response, I have one main concern which is based on my own experience. You may remember the story I shared at IMG about how I spent all of my outside school time with friends from church, instead of “non-Christians”. I was taught at youth group the thing where the person playing the Christian stands on a chair and the “non-Christian” has an easy time pulling the Christian down. I’m not even sure it makes sense. What would work better would be a group of “non-Christians” pulling down the Christian but perhaps that was the original point.

    In any case your slides seem to suggest this sort of thing at least a bit. In retrospect I regret not getting to know the people I deemed as “not-true-Christians” when I really never knew them. Because I never knew them well not only did not benefit from our friendship but God wasn’t allowed to work through either of us for towards the other’s benefit.

    My case may have been unique as I always had a bit of trouble fitting in and relating in school and yet I thrived in church. Still I could’ve used the stretching and I think Jesus’ God encourages His followers to know the other and grow in God WITH and THROUGH the other. Perhaps you are getting to that in your third section. But as you said, caution is warranted for all followers of a way in how easy it is to stray. Good warnings.

    Of course you are the one who has to deal with the complexities of all of that compounded with knowing where your congregation of youth are and in equipping them to go forward. 🙂 Good luck with that and I hope my words were helpful.

    A fellow some of us spent time with in DC talks about “the other” a bit in a podcast. You might enjoy it: http://www.emergentvillage.com/podcast/samir-selmanovic-on-finding-our-god-in-the-other .

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