Over-Saturated, Over-Selling

June 11, 2012 — 4 Comments

I’m not sure if it’s that I only watch my tv shows on Hulu and they only rotate 7 advertisements per year (seriously, Hulu!), or what it is, but after watching the Verizon commercial with the crying Mom try to leave her daughter for the 400th time, it is getting rough for me. In fact, I walked out of the room last night watching it with my wife because I couldn’t take the same ad one more time.

And maybe I’m crazy, but this experience did get me thinking.

In our churches, how often do we “over-saturate”?

Do we over-sell every event or activity the church puts on?

Do the words “life-change” flow out of every announcement we give?

Do we over-hype programs rather than invest in individual stories?

Are we saying the same thing over and over?

Are we driving our church members *crazy* because we continue to over-hype and under-deliver on our promises?

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want to be that annoying advertisement for a church function. But I do want to build buzz for what God is doing. Because I believe more than ever that He is active in our world.

See my tension?

What do you think?



Jonathan Sigmon


4 responses to Over-Saturated, Over-Selling

  1. I don’t own a TV so I know exactly what you’re talking about.

    As for churches over-hyping things, I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing more annoying to me than seeing repeated posts on church Facebook pages about things that really would be better served as bulletin announcements and little else. Churches using Facebook and Twitter as bullhorns is general is annoying and not very social.

    From a programming perspective, I think it’s easy for churches to fall victim to a cycle of constantly starting new programs and hyping them up to the point where nothing ever really gets the kind of long-term care, attention and intentional focus it takes for the program or initiative to basically hype itself before it’s declared a bust and some other new thing comes along.

    • Thanks Matt!

      I completely agree! I’m still left with some questions though. How do you think churches can promote the “less-important” ministries happening at the church? Is the expectation that someone will just find it in the bulletin? How do you promote events on Facebook without it seeming like you are simply self-focused? How do you promote ministries that have stood for a long time?

      You of course don’t have to answer all, but I would love to hear yours (or anyone’s) thoughts on these questions.

      My goal is to eliminate frustrations and develop a better plan for church communications.

  2. I think it depends on the church and how the people in the church get information and how much is happening. In most of my experiences in churches, the bulletin has been the one place where people would consistently go to seek out information. For many churches that is the website and for some it might be the lobby.

    Whatever it is, I think it’s important for it to be one place where all of the other forms of communication point, whether that’s the pastor emphasizing it from the front, a video playing in worship or the sign out front. All other communications platforms can then build on or enhance that one thing while remaining consistent with the purpose of the platform.

    That’s how I see it anyway. I would be curious to hear other thoughts on it. Admittedly, I tend to err on the side of being overcautious and underselling things because I have a thin skin for bullhorns.

  3. I will give you my 2 cents worth… I totally disagree with Matt! Bring on the Bull horns! it’s Jesus we are talking about! The church should be using Facebook for promotion. Everyone else is using it! I believe most of todays church atendees that are connected to the church through Facebook wants this information. I don’t think our church uses it enough. The church bulletin is browsed through once then set aside and forgotten about. I have seen the evidence by lack of attendees at some of the events, I have spoke to people that had no idea things were even going on. Yes you can go over board, but if done right it’s a good thing to promote events, raise the attendance! Use that bullhorn sigs!

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