Questions Video: Thoughts from a Longtime Follower of Christ

Matthew Paul Turner-On Questions from Cross Point Church on Vimeo.

The mystery of God has become the single most important aspect of my faith over the past few months.  I continue to desire to learn more about God every day and understand His goodness, but at the same time, I end up at the end of my days being drawn closer to the Divine not by the answers I’ve received, but instead by the things God has left purposefully ambiguous.  It is hard to reflect on God’s goodness when we are living in a state where we don’t know what is next or when we are down in the dumps about our job (or lack thereof) or when our neighbor is dying of cancer.  However, it is reassuring to know that no matter what we are thinking or feeling, God is God.  I had a friend share some thoughts with me this week about how it is so easy for him (and all of us) to base our feelings off of our current situation. We ask, “How could God let this happen?” First off, God wants us to ask these questions!  The Bible is filled, front to back, with people asking why God is doing things the way He is and for me that is really encouraging.  It is reassuring to know that God wants to hear us yell at him and praise him depending on our circumstances and how we are feeling.  However, it was good for me to reflect that when we are in a rough situation or grieving for someone else’s, we often times can begin to put ourselves in the center of the universe rather than the Divine.  I do not mean to be insensitive as I know the pain and hurt we all observe, but at the same time, it was a real humbling realization for me to know that God is in control and loudly hears the cries of the oppressed.

If you leave with one point from this video, though, make sure that it is that it is OK to go to sleep at night without all the answers.  Any theologian who continues to claim truth in every realm of life from God or the Bible is probably in danger of legalism rather than simply remaining awestruck by the loving, omniscient God of the Universe.

My hope is that this video resonates as loudly for you as it did for me.


  1. Awesome updates, bro. I’m eitncxig about your Uganda trip, how rad is that.Looking forward to hearing about some of these hard-hitting questions.In response to the question- I struggle with the idea of leaving a legacy (contributing valuable work) vs. living reasonably ( settling down , having a family, sending my kids to a good school, etc.). Sorry to ramble on, didn’t know how to say that any more concise.

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