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September 22, 2011 — 1 Comment



Here are my observations and updates of the changes that will be occurring over the next few weeks (starting today!) on facebook:

1.) Andy Samberg and Mark Zuckerberg look identical. I guess this isn’t an update, but it was an entertaining start. See it here:

2.) There will now be “Gestures” on Facebook. This will allow users to use “verbs” to describe what they are doing (ex/ watched, loved, etc.), as oppose to just “like.” I think this will be nice, especially for when the user is not looking to endorse a certain article of information with only a “like” button.

3.) The new profile page, now called “Timeline” looks completely different. The view looks like a really interesting blog – but organized for you by facebook automatically. My first response, without using it yet, is that it looks really nice and will probably be the most impressive change.

Check out this video:

4.) The apps will go along with the gestures. You can now talk about Media & Lifestyle in real time.

5.) With Open Graph, you will discover what your friends are reading, watching, and recommending. Rather than simply having large news aggregators, our friends will be the ones who can recommend news articles to us. News will be “socially curated.”

6.) Social games will be more interactive and won’t have the sort of interruptions asking you to share with friends in the middle of gameplay. You will now be able to see what games your friends are playing and can play along with them.

7.) Lifestyle apps will allow you to share more content of what you are doing and what you are enjoying. Sharing your recipes online and your running routes will become much easier and visually stimulating.

8.) You can see what friends are watching or listening to at that moment. This means that you can listen and discuss YouTube videos or songs from Spotify in real time. I also believe this will make it super easy to make songs and videos go viral in seconds.

9.) With the social graph (I know, the terms get confusing…), you get to choose what content shows up. If you are sharing music, you can share a picture of the artist, you can share the song, you can share how many times you’ve listened to a particular song or album , or you can share where you’ve been listening.

10.) With the Open Graph platform, Facebook’s algorithm will help provide the content that everyone is engaging in and help weed out the information that people are finding annoying. Personally, I think we could all use less FarmVille in our feed and use more worthwhile conversations and engaging content. This is good!

11.) There will now be a banner at the top of a page that you can easily post, crop, edit, and publish. It will not replace the profile picture, but will be in addition to on your profile page. See this picture below:

11.) Facebook will basically function as a comprehensive scrapbook. Currently, all your previous content gets lost from a feed after a few hours or a day. Now, your memories will be stored, organized, and arranged in one place.


This is big.


I think most people are going to wig out at the changes, but I personally think it is going to be good.


For clearer descriptions of the changes, head on over to Mashable to get the full stories of all the changes that are rolling out. Or, you can read a play-by-play commentary here. I’d love for you to share your thoughts. I want to hear your first reaction(s)…

Jonathan Sigmon


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