Social Media is Still an Incredible Tool for Churches

Social Media

Interesting stats on social media for the church I serve at:

Calvary Assembly
In the past year, we have sent out 520 tweets and approximately 450 facebook posts. In the past four months I’ve posted 157 times, an average of 12 times per week. We have a weekly total reach of approximately 1,500 (meaning 1500 people see our content online on average, per week). Wow!

Second Student
@SecondStudent has sent out 1,981 tweets and about 1,500 posts (not including hundreds more comments and pictures) in it’s 3 year existence.

Second facebook: In the last year has reached 14 countries, with 6 different languages, with 317 people who “like” the page. The average number of people who see some sort of content from SECOND each week is 1,000 people.

All from one youth group in Chili, NY.

Did I mention we have not paid for one dime of promotion. This was all free exposure.


Social media is still alive, my friends!

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  1. Yes it is!
    Same results have occurred for the church I attend and do marketing for. It’s quite incredible! And like you said, these are FREE tools to reach thousands of people each month. Where else can you find that??

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