Soul Pancake: Rainn Wilson Helps Us Chew on Life’s Big Questions


Rainn Wilson, most famous for his hilarious acting skills as Dwight on The Office, has launched a very creative and interactive way for people of all faith paths to discuss their big life questions.  As Rainn explains in their “About Video”, the mission is to make spirituality no longer being “airy-fairy, hippie-dippie, and precious. I want to have a debate about life’s big questions. I want to de-lame-ify talking about God…”.  You can watch the short, funny video here.


The site is filled with amazing videos, discussions, and artwork that is very engaging when you are in the mood for something different.  I also really enjoy the way Soul Pancake is set up – to include people from all different faith expressions where there can be civil conversations about the things that are really hard to understand.  Also, just as important, the content is done with excellence.  You can use the content in a variety of contexts too – to raise good discussions between friends in figuring out who God is and what is our best way to live.  I thought that my readers would enjoy seeing Rainn outside of his usual comedic role and enjoy the discussions happening at SP.  Below is one of many interesting videos on the site, this one discussing “Is there a spiritual solution to the economic crisis (outside of prayer)?” Whadayah think?

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