Welcome from Jonathan Sigmon’s Blog!

January 17, 2009 — 1 Comment

Welcome to Jonathan Sigmon’s Blog!

So what is Jonathan Sigmon’s Blog about?  Well, you can read about how I chose the name here, but essentially, JC’s Blog is an ongoing conversation about life.  Specifically, it will be a blog that focuses on faith, music (including reviews, insights, and suggestions), marketing, culture, worship, politics and a few stories along the way.  If this is your first time visiting and you are thinking, “oh great, another overzealous, evangelical Christian is going to write nonsense”, you are wrong.  At least I hope you are wrong.  This blog will look at tough questions like, “what do Christians do if they believe that gay marriage is wrong, but want to show them love?” or “why is there this huge Christian subculture and what is it all about?”.  The line of thinking will fall more into the progressive and less into the traditional.  There is a movement of people who are dedicated to seeing Jesus of Nazareth in a different way than the old, stuffy church portrays him, or the Jesus we see on tv.  And what to do with music?  We got rappers who can only talk about their newest way of having sex in a club, top 40 radio that rotates the same 10 songs every hour, and Christian music that has to meet its quota of JPM’s (Jesus’ per minute – ha!).   If questions and topics like these sound interesting to you, or if you are a friend of Jonathan “Siggy” Sigmon’s, subscribe either by email or RSS feed and be sure to leave your thoughts.  Welcome to the journey.

Jonathan Sigmon


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  1. I like it…JPM…quite brilliant!

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