What I Love Most About Tim Tebow…

My favorite part of Tim Tebow isn’t that he’s a winner. Although it is impressive that he has started as 4-1 as a starter. I didn’t see that coming.

My favorite part of Tim Tebow is not that he is very unorthodox in the option-style offense he runs. It is not in how he is playing the game right now.

My favorite part of Tim Tebow is not that he wears his faith on his sleeve (or more literally…on his face). Although the way he does it is equally impressive as his track record with winning. He is never obnoxious about his faith expression and you can sense the sincerity in what he believes. He isn’t doing it for a show, but because he honestly and wholeheartedly loves God. And he has backed it up with an unbelievable track record in serving those who need it most.

But what I love most about Tebow is not his ability to win, his ability to play the game different, or even his faith.

What I love most about Tim Tebow is his ability to handle the haters.

The truth is, everyone who succeeds at something in life has haters. Whether it is a business job, an NFL player, or even a pastor – you get haters.

And Tebow’s list of haters is longer than anyone I’ve ever seen. The attacks from both sportscasters and people of different faith backgrounds has been disheartening. And the worst part is that Christians (who have become so cynical and believe that the way they live out their faith is the only way…) have thrown their stones at him as well.

For me, every time that Tebow responds with grace, a smile comes across my face. Every time he chooses not to fire back at a snarky remark about his faith, I grin again. Every time Tim chooses to go prove the haters wrong with his actions rather than retaliate, I’m inspired.

That is why Tim Tebow is #winning. And why for me, it has nothing to do with football.

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