What You Do Matters, Youth Leaders…

I was reading a blog post earlier today that asked young adults “what was it about Jesus specifically that attracted and captured you to the point that you decided to follow Him with your life?”

I was struck by Josh’s answer:
April 26, 2012 at 7:49 am #

From the earthly, practical standpoint: In high school I decided to follow Christ, largely because the youth group and youth leaders at my new church were the most welcoming, friendly, forgiving group I had ever encountered. Their warmth and depth of friendship blew me away, as they took me in as a newcomer and welcomed me. As I saw their pursuit of Jesus and how it transformed their lives, I realized for the first time how important it was to follow Christ rather than simply giving a verbal assent to His existence.

The response reminds me of a student in our youth ministry’s story – of knowing all about God – but not knowing God and having a relationship with Him. To now see this student have grown into one of our primary student leaders – who is thriving in their walk with Christ – is incredible to witness.

So I just wanted to encourage you – that what you do each week, month, and throughout the year – really matters in the Kingdom. And I’m thankful for the gifts and call He has given so many of you, my friends, to minister to young people.

Blessings to you as you serve!



  1. Just want to add my “Amen!” to this post! As a mom and once upon a time teen, I know you make a big difference making Jesus real to our students. Thanks for investing in my girls’ lives! I thank God for you! =)

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