Where to Find Worship Backing Tracks


If you are wondering where to go for backing tracks for singing worship, the best resource I have found is Lifeway Worship (click the link to be directed there).  They have the songs in multiple keys, songs with or without backing tracks, and all the popular worship music in the world.  It is a little on the expensive side, but their extensive library is impressive.

Hope this helps those of you looking for backing tracks.


  1. Hillsong http://www.hillsongmusic.com offers almost every CD they have released in a backing track format. It is a great way to lead worship without a band because their tracks incorporate the spontaneous worship moments into the tracks. They have some awesome CD’s to choose from.

  2. Brothers: checkout praisecharts.com
    multitracks, backing tracks made as per artist version
    cheaper and better

  3. Hmmm. looks like they only offer contemporary. we do contemporary at my church but we do a lot of other gospel songs that they just don’t carry. its not just this site but all of them. Multitracks\rehearsalmix\lifeway. the don’t seem to carry … um how should i say this. “Urban” material

    1. Hey Marcus –

      I have noticed the same thing. There are sparse resources available for urban and gospel tracks. I find that rough too. I haven’t been able to find anything yet either. I will surely let you know if I do!

      Another option is to use a “pad” sound on keyboards to fill in sound. We have been doing that a lot at our church and it really helps fill in the sound. We use two keyboards to accomplish this – one pad sound and one piano sound.

      Blessings brother!


      1. Thanks Jonathan. That’s funny because that’s exactly what I do to fill the sound. I stack pads under piano’s or a soft synth. thanks for the tips.

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