Wisdom Matters


You can head over to my church’s blog to check out our latest SECOND Student Ministry newsletter for January and February.  For youth pastors who read this, it may give you some ideas.  I use “Pages” for Mac for just about everything.

Hope this helps!

Here is the article from the Newsletter:

WISDOM Matters

We made a challenge to all of Calvary Assembly to begin the New Year right by reading a chapter of Proverbs a day and we have loved hearing everyone’s insights. It seems the theme that continues to run throughout all of Proverbs is the phrase, “GET WISDOM”. The question we have been asking at our Wednesday night gatherings is, “Ok…if the smartest guy says to ‘get wisdom no matter what the cost’, how do we get it?” So we took time to brainstorm ideas and came up with a list:

Church, parents, teachers, the Bible, spending time with God, listening to older/respected friends, reading, conversing, youth leaders, etc.

The interesting piece for many of us is that we don’t take time to think about how frequently wisdom is available to us.  We often show up to church and barely pay attention. We only go to school because we have to.  It seems we miss out on a lot of opportunities presented to us to actually “GET WISDOM”. We are too busy playing games, hanging out with our friends, or just not soaking in what truth is being presented to us. Of course, there is definitely a time and a place to have fun (if you’ve seen our games on Wednesday nights, you’d know this first hand!), but I wanted to challenge you to “GET WISDOM”.  As we talked about, this can keep us from the “deep darkness” the Proverbs writer talks about (Prov. 4:19). The way Solomon describes it is that people who don’t pursue wisdom “do not know over what they stumble.”  Ignorance is not bliss.  Having wisdom so that you can make decisions that glorify God (and not cause pain to you or others) makes much more sense.

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