20 Artists/Bands You Should Hear in 2010 #MusicMonday


Below is a recommendation to my family, friends, and anyone who is interested in 52 artists or bands that I think are worthy of your time.  The music selections will consist of some bands you may be very familiar with and some you have never listened to before.  The music that is recommended will be more “indie”-ish, but I am not cool enough to be an indie-music snob, so some popular/signed artists will make the year’s cut.  I will also keep an ongoing list below here for each week.  The genres are limitless, with the criteria being that it simply sounds awesome.  There are a couple just for laughs.  Enjoy!

Week 1: Death Cab for Cutie

Week 2: The Swell Season

Week 3: Vampire Weekend

Week 4: Friendly Fires

Week 5: Dave Carroll (just because it’s funny)

Week 6: Joshua James

Week 7: Sigur Rós

Week 8: Josh Garrels

Week 9: Bon Iver

Week 10: Ok Go (Only because their music videos are fantastic)

Week 11: Gungor

Week 12: Explosions in the Sky

Week 13: The Civil Wars

Week 14: Diane Birch

Week 15: Sufjan Stevens

Week 16: 10 Worship Songs You Should Hear

Week 17: Virtual Choir

Week 18: Interview/Giveaway with Michael Gungor

Week 19: John Mark McMillan

Week 20: White People Shouldn’t Dance in Church (that would make a good band name)

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  3. I love most of the bands on that list. But theres a few newer artists you should check out, I think new music for 2011 to watch out for are Clock Opera, Retraplayer, Wild Nothing, Washed Out and The Villagers…and loads others which I can’t think of right now!

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