Do you ever feel like you need a break? Like you need to breathe?

I do too.

I am currently working my way through a book on Spiritual Disciplines. A challenge pierced through my heart and convicted me:

When people ask, “So how are you?” refrain from a litany about how busy you are. This simply reinforces that a revved-up existence is what matters.


How frequently have I fallen into this trap? To believe that being more productive is my calling? What if my calling was to “be still“?

I’ve got to slow down. I need to take longer showers. I need to read slower. To read for transformation instead of information. I need to insert margins for rest and rejuvenation in my day. I need to run more. And bike more. I need more time with my wife. And friends. And family.

I need to be fully present wherever I am.

How about you? Where are you at?

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