Twitter and Kindle Fire are in the Bible??

So the next time someone is tweeting in church, you are not allowed to judge them. They are simply doing what Scripture has “clearly” told them to do: Tweet. And read on their Kindle Fire. Who knew? 🙂 (HT @Michael Hyatt & @Scott Williams)

How to Get the New Facebook Timeline Before Your Friends

Here is a picture of what mine looks like: (Click to maximize) Check out this easy, 2 minute video of how to get it before everyone else: For my first reactions to the changes, check this here. Overall, I really like it. It’s visually very appealing and will provide a rich, interactive scrapbook that will… Continue reading How to Get the New Facebook Timeline Before Your Friends

Reactions to New Changes to Facebook

    Here are my observations and updates of the changes that will be occurring over the next few weeks (starting today!) on facebook: 1.) Andy Samberg and Mark Zuckerberg look identical. I guess this isn’t an update, but it was an entertaining start. See it here: 2.) There will now be “Gestures” on Facebook.… Continue reading Reactions to New Changes to Facebook

Seinfeld’s Depiction of Hell

    Some people listen to Rob Bell‘s views on hell. Others listen to Francis Chan. As for me? I listen to Seinfeld. 🙂 Be sure to click here to watch it (embedding disabled). After watching, click back here and leave me a funny comment.

My Top Picks for 2010

Overall: Top Movie: Book of Eli and Inception Top Book: Evolving in Monkey Town by Rachel Held Evans (partially because I read it with Sarah) Top Album: Mumford & Sons “Sigh No More” Worship: Top Worship Album: Gungor “Beautiful Things” Top Worship Song: No One Higher/The Stand Top Worship Leader: David Crowder Blogs: Favorite Christian… Continue reading My Top Picks for 2010