Haiti Response


Quick post, because I can’t let this just slip by before falling asleep tonight:

Amazing/Gutwrenching photos of Haiti.

Trustworthy organization to give help through.

Local response here in Rochester – Parkminster (another church in Chili) is hosting a silent auction for an orphanage they support in Haiti that was completely destroyed this Sat night at 7pm. The friend I talked to said his father runs the orphanage and had to literally drive over dead bodies to get back home. Unreal. Details here: http://www.parkminster.com/

One of my college best friends singing a song in response to the situation.

Pat Robertson drives me completely crazy. All we can pray for is that Pat decides to retire soon.

Then I learned the actual history of Haiti here and here and on CNN.

This is what Pat should have said.

Donald Miller then put Pat’s comments into perspective for me and pointed towards a Christ-like response.

My prayers are with the people of that country.

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