I Want To Help With The Nashville Flood

If you are wondering how to help with the Nashville flood, there is a great church in Nashville that many of my friends attend that is working desperately to help.

The church has set up a fund which you can donate at here (select “Flood Fund”).  Money will go towards:

  • Helping people repair their homes
  • Purchasing equipment to assist with the relief efforts
  • Purchasing supplies such as water and food (all but one water treatment plant has been shut down!)
  • To feed people

Hundreds have been left with nothing.  Please pray and help if you can.

nashville-flood-1Moving building

nashville-flood-2Sinking Car

nashville-flood-3Man in East Nashville, walking out to his car

nashville-flood-4Downtown Nashville. Unreal.


Tanker flipped on its side against some trees.

I read that if the accumulation had been snow instead of rain, it would have been the equivalent of 13 feet of snow in Nashville.  Crazy.  I hope you can join the relief effort.

The Exchange with Ed Stetzer, 05-04-10 from Ed Stetzer on Vimeo.

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