“In the World, Not of…Facebook?”


I got an email tonight about a promotion for a new social networking site for Christians called “FaithOut”.  It said, “Users can upload all their favorite photos, tag their friends and family, share videos and music and find others around similar spiritual interests.”  First off, I don’t really care to try and find people with similar “spiritual interests”.  What does that mean?  “Hey look!  This person totally loves to speak in tongues! Let’s be friends!” lol.  Trying to get Christians to go to a separate place for a phenomenon that breaks out “in the world” is nothing new, though.  I’m sure you’ve heard of GodTube, which started as the Christian alternative to YouTube. Really?  Why would us as Christians do this?

Well of course, first it is because you can make money off dumb Christians.  It is really easy.  You can make a terrible record, just talk about Jesus and you will get a response from spiritual people.  I like how my pastor phrased it this week in his sermon, saying, “Everyone else calls it the world, I call them my neighbors.”  We as followers of Christ need to stop running from the good things that come from the internet and start embracing our culture.  This is not what Jesus of Nazareth was talking about in John 15.  Maybe one day Christians will be innovative and lead the way rather than jump on phenomena’s 10 years late and turn a profit from an ignorant niche.


  1. Sorry sig, Christians as a whole will always be lagging behind! I have come to grips with it. So I decided to try as a person who believes in Jesus, as well as many other things to try and be at the forefront of social change. Let’s see if it works out! I love the “Christian” Facebook idea. This segregation attatude that Jews first and then Christians have adopted has really skewed the meaning of being in the world but not of it. I mean how are you suppost to salt somthing when you are nowhere near it? I guess your suppost to interceed the saltiness on it or somthing. Aneway I have a blog now too! make sure you link me. http://swirlynessstopshere.wordpress.com/

  2. dude, when i clicked the Godtube link on your blog, i ended up at tangle.com – the world’s largest christian social bla bla bla. I hated it. But I ALMOST WANTED TO SIGN UP. The graphic and web design on that site is AMAZING. Click on the ‘prayer’ box and you go to a prayer wall- cheezy, but absolutely pimpin’ in terms of web design. Why the hell are talented Christians wasting their time creating stuff like this? [insert selfish, ‘when they could be doing my band’s website for free…] The faithout website and all of their other related alternatives, however, are absolutely TERRIBLY designed. Even if those were the coolest sites on the planet content wise, there’s no way i would join them just because they look like shiiiiiiit.
    Anyway, i don’t know why i needed to share all that with you. but i did anyway.

  3. Sorry, i had to post another comment about this. Tangle used to be godtube but they expanded and changed their name and focus a bit etc etc. i kindof liked what the CEO had to say, altho i did cringe at some points. However, the more interesting thing was to read the comments about the name change- people are PISSED that they took ‘god’ out of the name. Really, really ticked. One guy was ranting and raving about how the ceo had turned over to temptation and was now ‘ashamed’ of God and that God would be ashamed of him and to ‘man up for His Glory and change the name back!” Some other lady was sad that she couldn’t tell her friends the video was on Godtube anymore, and therefore they’d KNOW she was a Christian before, but not now. I was really taken aback by how mad (and dumb) people were, and kindof pissed myself that Christians get so worked up about a website url instead of about things that really matter. sigh.

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