Nipple Jesus


“Nipple Jesus” by Nick Hornby is my favorite short story I have ever read about “what to do with Jesus”.  It is from a compilation of Hornby’s short stories in a book titled, “Speaking With The Angel”.  I will leave my commentary for later and simply make for two different ways of reading this – either by downloading the .pdf’s at my account or by reading the .jpg’s below.  There is no online version available, so this was the best I could do.  If your eyes go crazy looking at the internet, then click on the and print it out – it’s worth it.  It took me a while to get these all uploaded and such, so please take time to read this incredible story and see yourself in the different characters:





  1. Ah yes, good ole Nipple Jesus. Great CMC discussions if I can recall. Danielle was especially offended haha. Great thought provoking story. and pimpin’ new layout btw!

  2. Just taught this story last night in a class for writers called “Finding Your Voice.” I think it’s the best short story I’ve ever read. It brings up these huge existential questions while anchoring them in the voice of an “everyman.” Brilliant.

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