Portfolio of Artists from Sig Ent


Below is a list of artists I have worked with in some sorts, assisting them in their musical endeavors. Some of the bands I have helped form, some I’ve given advice as to where to invest their limited income, some I’ve helped with design work or connecting them to the people they need, while others I have simply provided feedback on how to make their sound better for their album (the sound engineer in me…). These are in no particular order, but thought I should give a much deserved shout-out to my friends and clients out there.

Tirzah Lemmens – Singer-songwriter with one of the most unbelievable voices I’ve ever heard. First artist signed to Signature Entertainment Group.
With Walking Trees – Electro-infused post-hardcore group I helped to assemble and do everything from A-Z with. Love these guys and their ridiculous music.
Chris Wilson – Amazing drummer who has worked with me and Sig. Ent. a lot.
Garrett Brown – former member of Manchester Orchestra and Elevate, I’ve given Garrett some feedback on his music. Really great alternative writer.
Jason Frey – Engineer of the studio I manage, but also a very talented Christian worship writer.
Twon Dosa – Hardcore gangster rap friend. Did not take my advice of re-imaging. To each his own.
I, Arkansas – Post-hardcore band I also helped this past year. R.I.P.
Aaron Costello – Singer-songwriter from Erie, PA – helped with musical direction.
Jon Li – Helped produce his first EP. He is an Asian Ben Folds (minus the wit and ridiculously good voice) from Minnesota.
Arlington Arms – Christian rock band, helped with multiple areas (and even co-wrote a song).
Brandon Crews – Amazing singer-songwriter in L.A. Definitely worth checking out.
Silver, Wood, and Ivory – worked a lot with these instrumentalists over the past year on all sorts of projects. Good ladies if you want to check out some relaxing instrumental music.
Hwaen Chu’qi – I was the concert promoter for a show for Hwaen (pronounced “Juan”) in 2008. He is an unbelievably talented blind pianist.  I ended up getting 100+ people out to the concert without any fan base here in Lancaster (with tickets at $15 and $18 a piece).  Awesome night (and pay check 🙂 )
Brittany Grass – Designer and singer-songwriter friend – helped with musical direction last year.
She’s Called Sweetie – Musically is similar to The Postal Service – musical/financial direction.
Dan Scarberry – Unbelievable guitar player who just got back from L.A.  Tendonitis could prevent him from making ridiculously amazing music and that is terrible.
Summer and Starlight – Singer-songwriter for fans of Wilco.
Joel Wentz – Another singer-songwriter who uses creative elements in his songs. Helped with engineering and song-arrangements.
Iaoel – Christian rock band I’ve helped with merch direction and branding.
Development – Former roommate – makes rock music like Sevendust.
Ashley Albritton – Beautiful voice, singer-songwriter.
Will Gray – Former teacher/mentor.  Makes incredible R&B/Hip-hop music.
Owen Monroy – Engineered a couple songs for Owen and helped with other musical endeavors.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of my friends making music (and haven’t touched on those who are helping these people), but a list of those I’ve helped over the past year.  Good people who I find it a priviledge to have assisted.  Thanks friends.

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