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Jesus/Church Blogs

Brian McLaren: Liberal author, speaker, and activist for the Kingdom of God

Church Crunch: Technological/Web Thoughts for improving and advancing the mission of Jesus of Nazareth.

Church Matters: Helpful Biblical ideas for the local church.

Church Relevance: Free online resource created to help train ministries how to more effectively reach people.

Dan Kimball: California pastor and frequent blogger on the things of Jesus of Nazareth.

Donald Miller: Story teller. Progressive Christian thinker. Author of “Blue Like Jazz”. Swerve’s purpose (’s blog) is to share and learn from leaders who are passionate about reaching this world for Christ.

Matthew Paul Turner (Jesus Needs New PR): “The Christian Jon Stewart”, frequent blogger, author of “Churched: One Kid’s Journey Toward God Despite a Holy Mess”.

Michael Hyatt: CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the largest Christian publishing company

Out of Ur: Top Christian blog for ministry leaders

Pete Wilson: Lead pastor of Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN.

Peter Rollins: Emerging teacher who just moved to NYC in late 2009. Author of “How (Not) to Speak of God”.

Ragamuffin Soul: Talented musician, teacher, and author, Carlos Whittaker. An authentic, real Christian.

Rainn Wilson’s Soul Pancake: Dwight from “The Office” has a team that seeks to “de-lamify” God and faith conversations

Relevant Magazine: Awesome magazine that “covers God, life, and progressive culture”. Great articles.

Rob Bell: Author and pastor. Writes great books and speaks even better sermons. Founder of Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, MI.

Rod White: Progressive Brethren In Christ pastor in downtown Philly at Circle of Hope.

Scot McKnight: Frequent blogger on progressive Christianity

Shane Hipps: Progressive author and Christian preacher of emerging culture and a “third way faith”.

Stuff Christians Like: Humorous blog making fun of the stuff that Christians like

Tony Jones: Liberal Christian thinker and frequent blogger at Beliefnet


All About Worship: Worship Music Highlights

David Crowder: Worship leader who makes some good Jesus music.

Worship Matters: Bob Kauflin’s Thoughts and Resources on Worship (author of a book by the same title)

Worship Together: Worship resources and reviews.

…For more worship links, go to this previous post of mine: Online Worship Resources.

Music (I like Indie stuff, just so you know…)

Brooklyn Vegan: NYC-based indie music focused on music news.

Paste Magazine: Leading source of independent music reviews

Pitchfork: The indie elitist site. 🙂

Stereogum: A music-oriented blog that focuses mainly on independent and alternative music MP3s, videos, news, reviews, etc.

Others: Gorilla vs. Bear, LargeheartedBoy, IndieMuse.


Barna Research Group: Visionary research on the intersection of culture and faith.

Church Marketing Stinks: Reasons why church marketing is awful and helpful solutions to fix it.

Seth Godin: The most brilliant mind on marketing and business alive.  Well…possibly.

Missions/Social Justice Organizations

Hope International: Microfinancing for those in need.

International Justice Mission: Leading. Advancing. Overcoming. Bringing justice and awareness to humans in slavery.

World Vision: Huge Christian humanitarian charity organization.


A Family Without Borders: Friends from Minnesota who share their stories of adopting two children from Ethiopia.

Chris Flinchbaugh: Progressive writer, musician, and leader of my former house church.

Jen Siegrist: Friend from Lancaster who creates free music mixes that are always a good time.

Katie Klos: Infrequent blogger, but good friend from Geneva College and good writings on “Thoughts. Struggle. Faith.”

Rhys Searles: Friend from college who is a youth pastor in Nashville, TN.

Shawn Anthony: My former pastor, incredible writer/leader, frequent blogger on the Kingdom of God.


*Note: Just because someone is listed on this blog roll does not mean I endorse everything they say.  I read a variety of readings from a variety of people on a variety of topics.  I also frequent a lot of other sites, but thought this could be helpful for people who were interested in some of my influences.

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