The Book of Eli

Andy Stanley said it best in a tweet: The Book Of Eli. A new standard for faith based films. You’ve gotta see it.  I’m giving it the much anticipated “Siggy’s Top Movie of 2010” (no I didn’t see Toy Story 3 yet). 🙂 If you’ve already seen The Book of Eli, what did you think… Continue reading The Book of Eli


Gungor is the future sound of worship music. What is Gungor you ask?  Gungor is the last name of Michael Gungor, leader of a worship band out of Denver, Colorado who has been on a formative, spiritual journey since being Dove-nominated for his songs “Friend of God” and “Say So”.  Michael has struggled, like many… Continue reading Gungor

David Crowder Band Church Music Review – 7/7 Stars!

Siggy’s Rating: 7/7 stars! I should probably start by letting readers know that most worship music I find overusing church-lingo cliches, poorly mixed music, and average vocalists.  Pretty much all the basic parts of a worship recording (vocalists, musicians, engineer, producer, composition of the songs, etc.) could be easily scrutinized by any huge fan of… Continue reading David Crowder Band Church Music Review – 7/7 Stars!