This is Home


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My first week is complete here in Rochester, New York at my new job as a youth/worship/tech director/leader/pastor at Calvary Church.  Although the first week was exhausting, it was a very good one!

pb-sue-jonathanPastor Bob, his wife, Sue, and I

It started on Tuesday morning (2.3.09).  I ended up meeting with Pastor Bob, the lead pastor at the church, who my respect has grown for daily.  Our conversations this week have varied from talking about the emerging church, to ministry philosophy, to dreams and visions, to what a healthy church looks like.  I kept thinking, “I wonder when we will disagree about something?”  Now, prior to my hiring, we have had hours and hours of conversations just like these to make sure that we had the same vision of ministry and logistically the Gospel played out in very similar ways, but still, it was very encouraging.

women-of-calvaryThe women in the picture above helped make my bed last Sunday so that I could rest after a long drive and directing of people where to put all my junk.  To the left is Sarah’s mother, Sandy, next is the pastor’s wife again, and to the right is Dawn.  Dawn is the church secretary and I have quickly found that she pretty much makes everything good that happens, happen.  She is a warm spirit and an incredible administrator.  She also frequently refers to me as “sweety”, but says she is trying to stop that pattern.  Being called sweety and all, it has been great getting to know the church and their whole family.  They have been nothing but warm and welcoming to me as I’ve started.  I got a card in the mail yesterday wishing me a welcome and happy birthday.  I have had multiple people come up and say they had a great morning of worship after the Sunday service.  I’ve been able to meet and pray with people going through something as serious as cancer or meet to just talk about planning a new website.

The stories from even one week seem like there are too many to tell.  People have blessed me with resources (shout out to Dan Astuto and John Cleghorn), I’ve connected and got to hang out with the kids, and even had time to spend in silence just trying to listen to God.  My landlord is fantastic, my apartment is perfect, and I anticipate a great season of my life about to begin.

This is beginning to feel like home.

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