What Waiting 5 Years To Invest Costs You…


While in their lives, Hulga only invested $12,000 more dollars than Bobbie, she ended up with over $500,000 MORE dollars.

How is this possible, you ask? It’s the power of compound interest. The eighth wonder of the world.

In those final years of investing, as you can see in the third image (where the graph goes skyrocketing up!), the compounding effect is significant. This is why investing early and consistently is key for your financial future.

By the way, using the 4% rule (which I can explain more later), Hulga can withdraw over $50,000 per year and never outspend her money. If she used a Roth IRA, ALL of this would be tax-free. In this scenario, it is highly probable that Hulga would be passing along $1.2 million dollars to her kids or charity of choice. Or maybe she splits it and gives $600k to her kids and $600k to her church. Can you imagine being able to do this?!?

$200/month. It’s possible.

Investing $200/month for 35 years


Investing $200/month for 40 years