Have you ever felt guilty about how you manage your money? Or even just wondered where all your money went (I see you Target and Amazon Prime)? How we manage our money can often leave us feeling incredibly shame-filled and confused. We don’t like to talk about money because it is uncomfortable. We can actually feel ashamed for either how much we make (but have little to show for it) or how little we make. And maybe you’ve tried a few different things to try to budget and it’s just been flat-out restricting and boring. Nothing has stuck.

But maybe you have some financial dreams for the future. Like taking a trip with your spouse to Italy where you eat the best hand-crafted ravioli and learn what it’s like to live like a local in Venice. Or maybe you dream of being able to be really generous by taking out your 6 closest friends to a really nice meal or donating a substantial amount of money to help your church accomplish something that makes a difference forever. Or maybe you want to invest in your kid’s college fund so that they can graduate debt-free and be in a great position to get their professional lives started.

You likely have a dream inside of you that you’d love to get to. It may be vivid in your mind right now – or you might have no clue right now. That’s ok. The problem is all the “stock” financial plans of one-size-fits-all don’t work for most of us. Sometimes it is that all the financial information out there is overwhelming, but sometimes it’s that it just doesn’t apply to your situation.

Even for Michael Jordan, having a great coach mattered.

Hi – my name is Jonathan Sigmon and I’m a certified financial coach. My hope and dream is to help you not be bogged down with financial guilt and instead help you achieve your dreams for yourself and your family. I’ve created a small group program that you can go through in 90 days.


The Program Includes:

  • Fully customized plan for you in YOUR situation
  • Your Debt Payoff Plan. We’ll come up with a plan that allows you to not just eat rice and beans, but also allows you to move out of debt, into investing, and into a financially FREE future. You will know the exact date you can be debt-free – and have the support around you to help you get there.
  • How to Maximize Investing. Whether it’s retirement or how to invest for the money you’ll want to access 7 years from now, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step plan that will maximize your money and reduce the fees you pay to someone else.
  • Your Savings Strategy. Want to save for a kitchen remodel, but struggle to set aside money for it? You need a different strategy. You will have one after our time together.
  • Your Generosity. Want to live a ridiculously generous life that will bless not just others, but you too? Let’s talk about it.

Comparing Options

This program could literally save you $300,000.

Meet Jake. He’s a 31-year-old who makes $53,000 per year. He had zero invested. I asked him if he invested his target amount of $500 per month how much he thought he would pay his financial advisor. He guessed $35,000. Seems reasonable considering how many clients his financial advisor would have.

The actual answer? $327,475. 😮😮😮

While we typically think about eliminating Starbucks lattes from our budget, the decision to hire a financial advisor is several cars!

Some financial advisors are great – and some not so much. The problem is not typically with the person as an individual, it’s HOW the system is set up that works against you. And it can cost you THOUSANDS of dollars over the course of your life.

This program is not designed to TAKE your money. It’s designed to help you SAVE your money.

We’ll Do It Together

I want to walk YOU through, step by step so that you can be financially secure for your future. We’ll start by talking about your specific goals, then come up with a plan that is fully customized to YOUR dreams.

Hear from Paul…

“I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I had never saved over $100. In fact, when I met with Jonathan, I was too ashamed to share that, so I (conveniently) skipped over it in our meeting. But I had a new job and I wanted to save for a downpayment on a house. I had no idea where to start or how to come up with a plan. I just knew I felt guilty every time I went and ordered food out.

Jonathan explained to me that eating out was part of my full life. That if I had a plan for going out and spending X amount of dollars each month, I was good to accomplish both of my goals. I can’t even explain how freeing that was for me. Now I am able to go out with friends every weekend (like I want to). And the craziest part? In less than 4 months, I’ve saved over $7,000! I’m going to be ready to buy a house WAY sooner than I ever expected. Those two meetings with Jonathan were vital for me and now I’ve been telling my family and friends all about it because of how excited and free I feel!”

Paul N.


Money is not just about numbers. If it was, we could just crunch some information on an excel sheet. But guess what? For 98% of us, that doesn’t work. That’s because managing our money well is about our emotions sooooo much more than it is about the numbers. The numbers matter, but psychology is what drives us.

90 Days to Financial Freedom

This is why I’ve created the 90 Days to Financial Freedom Program.

It’s a customized program for 4-6 individuals/couples to go through everything we’ve discussed above.

  • Your getting out of debt plan
  • Saving for your next big purchase (trip, house renovation)
  • Invest for you and/or your kids

How does this work?

  • We’ll meet as a group via Zoom for 3 evenings (because it’s a very small group we try to base it around your availability)
  • You’ll meet with Jonathan for 3 one-on-one sessions
  • All of it is fully customized to YOUR financial spot.

If you want to accelerate your path to mental freedom on your spending, then 90 Days to Financial Freedom is the step for you.

If you want to just do an individual one-on-one coaching session, those are available as well! The cost is normally $77/session. But if you sign up in January, I am running a sale at $50/session.

Remember. This investment could get you $7,000 in savings in 3.5 months. Or save you literally $300,000 in investing over time. Imagine what you could do with $300k in your life!

Invest in yourself. Invest in your financial peace.

Freedom from guilt and for you to enjoy your full life is my hope for you.

Is it worth it?

Someone just paid $1,500 for this exact program.

I sold him at the original, full price. Because I didn’t want him to feel cheated, I offered to reimburse him to the discounted price. But he said no – he felt it was worth the original price! 

However, my goal in this is to make this accessible for YOU, so I’m drastically discounting the price.

This is likely the lowest I’ll be offering either option. And once the spots are gone, they are gone!

How do I sign up?

  • Send a message below or click the button that says “I’m in!”
  • Only 5 slots remaining for February 2022 cohort
  • Once it’s full, it’s full!

Message "I'm in" for the February version of 90 days to Financial Freedom to lock in your spot. Sign up for the program or coaching below!

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