For me, one of the biggest hurdles to getting started in investing was feeling like I didn’t have “extra” money lying around. And I didn’t want to pick up a new job. But I also wanted to figure out my retirement.

So my wife and I started shopping at a discount grocery store (Aldi’s) for SOME of our groceries. They didn’t have everything we wanted there, so we picked up the rest at our favorite grocery store (Wegmans – what grocery stores look like in Heaven).

This saved an average of about $32 per week. We then took that money and put it into investments. But

Now here’s where it gets crazy. Just stopping at another store didn’t seem revolutionary for our budget. It was really easy. If we were to do this for the next 35 years, it is projected we would net A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS. What???

Also, most of it could be placed in a Roth IRA, meaning that money wouldn’t be taxed when we took it out. 🤯🤯🤯

Here’s the math…

You don’t need to pick up a side hustle to get started with investing. And it is NOT as challenging as you think it is.

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