“Have you heard about the biggest IPO ever about to drop!?”
I got this text from a friend a couple months ago who knew I was into investing. He added something like, “Bro, Wall Street is calling it the ‘BIGGEST IPO EVER’. Jim Crammer said ‘buy as much as you can!’ And he was just right about THIS stock, THIS stock, and THIS stock.” (All of whom had all just recently performed well). You can see the evidence of one of many “experts” talking about this below.
I responded first by asking why he called me “bro” and not “Reverend Sigmon.” But after we got that cleared up, I told him I didn’t search for individual hot stocks. He told me I had to get in because it could make a ton of money. I didn’t bite. Why? Because I buy target date index funds on an automated, monthly schedule.
Target Date Index Funds. What are THOSE? I’m so glad you asked. I explain the term here (it’s ok, I didn’t know what they were a couple years ago either, so don’t feel shame!).
But first, back to Didi stocks. They have not done well, despite “expert advice” from many. And to be fair, if YOU find the next Apple or Amazon or Google, you could make way more than the market makes. But it didn’t happen on this hot stock that was recommended to me by friends and experts. I would have lost money – just like MANY people MUCH smarter than I did on DIDI. And many who will try this same approach today.
I won’t be searching for the next Google. I’ll just keep investing a set amount every month and try to put my wife and children in a place to be in a good financial position come retirement. Why? Because that’s my goal and my “why”.
If you want to get started in investing, I would absolutely love to help you. Reach out for a one hour, 1:1 coaching session and we can start by helping you understand the terms and the strategy that’s right for you. Then, we can get you set up in investing to start earning this month.

Need more proof of investing in the S&P 500 vs. DIDI? You don’t have to be an expert to see one is going up over the last 5 years and the other is not.

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